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Welcome from the General Chairs

Dear Participants of ICM 2017

The International Conference on Mechatronics is an IEEE biannual event held every second year in a different part of the world. The aim of this conference is to provide a forum for the presentation and discussion of emerging Mechatronics technologies and for professional interactions.  Additionally, it serves as a conduit for channeling advanced technology to the regional industry.

On behalf of the Industrial Electronics Society (IES) of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), the main sponsor of this prestigious international event, and on behalf of the conference’s various committees it is our pleasure and honour to invite and welcome you as a participant in IEEE-ICM 2017 in Australia.

As you are aware, globalization and tariff cuts forced many industries to operate on a continually diminishing profit margin. This environment has created the current urge to develop and implement more efficient industrial practice.  Therefore, technology development and implementations (e.g. Automation, Robotisation, Mechatronics applications, etc) play an important role in making industry more sustainable in an increasingly competitive world.  Regional industry in Australia and world-wide are in the forefront of facing those economic challenges. In order to help this vital sector of our world, the theme of this conference was chosen to be on:

“Advanced Mechatronics in Service of Regional Industry”

In addition to the high technical standard expected of this conference, we aim to give all participants a real taste of the true Australian culture in the beautiful  Gippsland region.  The dedicated conference teams are currently working hard on making this conference not only intellectually stimulating but also an unforgettable pleasant experience.

We look forward to welcome you in ICM 2017 and wish you a fruitful and enjoyable stay in Australia.



Yousef Ibrahim
General Co-Chair (Australia)




Kouhei Ohnishi
General Co-Chair (Japan)


Welcome Message from the Technical Program Chairs

On behalf of the international technical program committee, we cordially invite researchers and practitioners to share their discoveries, advances, and experiences in the field of mechatronics engineering.  Mechatronics is the intelligent integration of mechanics and electronics, most often achieved by some form of information processing.  The 2017 IEEE ICM is a forum for presentation, as well as a conduit for sharing advances and applications between research and regional industry.

Technical topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Mechatronic platforms
    • • Robotics, from nano-scale to meso-scale
    • • Mobile platforms
    • • Unmanned vehicles


  • Core competencies:
    • • Advanced motion control
    • • Vibration and noise control
    • • Sensors
    • • Actuators
    • • Fault detection and diagnosis
  • • System analysis and integration:
    • • Modeling and design
    • • Artificial intelligence
    • • Intelligent control
    • • Human-machine interactions


  • Application fields:
    • • Manufacturing
    • • Transportation systems: land, sea, air, and beyond
    • • Energy systems
    • • Infrastructure: buildings, roads, bridges, ...
    • • Medical, bioengineering
    • • Cyberphysical systems
    • • Mining industry
  • • Mechatronics in education
    • • Course design
    • • Laboratory experiences


Please visit the Call for Papers link at this website for more information, as well as author submission guidelines. We look forward to your contributions and participation in IEEE ICM-2017.

Yours Sincerely,
Technical Program Co-Chairs

Ren C. Luo, Taiwan


John Y. Hung, USA



Hideki Hashimoto, Japan


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